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Welcome to my first Vendor Spotlight post!  From time to time I’ll be spotlighting various wedding vendors in the CNY area in order to help you as you plan your wedding!  Today, I’m excited to spotlight Kate Brown of Lovewell Celebration Designs!

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I met Kate at A Perfect Bridal Show at the OnCenter just a booth down from mine this past January.  I immediately noticed her playful curly hair and quick smile and decided go over and say hi.  After chatting with her and her husband Ty for just a few minutes I knew we’d have to set up a coffee date.  A few days later, I sat across from her with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in my hands and began to learn about all about Lovewell Celebration Design.

With a background in acting and dancing, it is not hard to see Kate’s innate creativity.  Couple that with her business and project management experience, detailed organization and thorough communication skills, you have one brilliant combination for a wedding planner/designer right in front of you!

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hayloft on the arch wedding by H Hawkins Photography

Lovewell Design (7)Primarily, Kate offers three types of services: Consultation, Design and Planning.  On the consultation side of things, if you’re a couple that needs a jump start on their wedding planning or has hit a road block in the process, and you’re in need of someone to point you in the right direction, you can meet with Kate for a session and she’ll offer you help on whatever you need!  Now, have you ever walked into a wedding, a hotel or even your favorite coffee shop and were just in awe of the atmosphere and design of the space?  Most of us aren’t professional designers or interior decorators but with your wedding being a once in a lifetime event, why not hire a professional to customize a design specific to you, your personality and your style?!  This is exactly what Kate does for the design aspect of Lovewell.  Whether you want your wedding themed in a rustic, nautical, vineyard or modernly simple way, the sky’s the limit for Kate.

Lovewell Design (2)

For couples that just can’t get enough of Lovewell, Kate offers Planning Packages that pull together all five elements: Consultation, Design, Planning, Coordination and Execution.  Imagine being able to take the load of stress and responsibility of planning a wedding off your shoulders and completely hand it to a creative professional that you can trust.  After planning my whole wedding, even with great support from my friends and family, it was still so much more work than I ever dreamed.  Having someone handle that for me would be worth their weight in gold.

Please, please check out for much more amazing content on these packages, Kate’s story and her portfolio!
Boldt Castle Wedding Photo

Lovewell Design (5)The other aspect of Kate’s wedding services is a branch called EngagedWell.  This is something that Kate is pioneering in the industry, something completely new but totally brilliant and 110% needed for today’s couples (in my little opinion).   At least in my experience, I’ve found that the day a couple gets engaged, most of their time, energy and conversation from that time forward becomes focused on the wedding planning.  Wedding days are amazing and do require a lot of time however, it really is only one day as compared to the rest of your married life together.  Kate’s idea of EngagedWell takes the concept of both bride and groom planning their wedding together and working through many things that will prepare and equip them with great skills with which to enter their marriage.

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As I chatted with Kate, she had mentioned that planning a wedding almost always includes setting a list of priorities, making big decisions, planning and working with large amounts of money and working through family dynamics.  Traditionally, often it’s the bride and sometimes her mom and friends that do the majority of the planning where the groom is often either left out or may not want to be involved.  But in looking at this list of setting priorities, making decisions, and dealing with money and family dynamics, all these things will most definitely crop up during a marriage.  So if a couple takes the time to work through these areas while planning their wedding, this is bound to set them up well for the highs as well as the lows in marriage.

EngagedwellSo then, what is Engagedwell you ask?  It is a workbook and a workshop. The workshop is a daylong event where you work through the major pieces of the workbook, enjoy delicious food and gather more helpful info from a professional panel during a Q&A session to close out the day.  Starting here will definitely get you off on the right foot as you go forward in your wedding (and marriage!) planning.  As of right now there are two different workshops you can attend. They are:

Saturday, March 14th

 The Vineyard Church

312 Lake Road, Syracuse NY, 13209

Christian-Faith Based Application


Saturday, April 18th

The Lodge at Welch Allyn

4355 State Street Rd

Skaneateles, NY 13152


Lovewell Design (3)In fact, there is a discount rate offered for the workshop on March 14th so check out this link: for info on that particular workshop!

Check out more information for the other EngagedWell Workshop at

I hope that this post has piqued your interest in Lovewell and Engagedwell whether you have already decided you want to hire a Wedding Designer or had never thought about it before, check her out.  You can’t help but love her and the amazing work she does!

For more wedding planning tips, jump on over to my website and check out my Wedding Resources page here!:

syracuse wedding pictures winter

*Please note that any photos in this post that do not have the H Hawkins Photography logo on it is not work of HHP but of other photographers.


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